Programs for Entrepreneurs

The idea is the easy part

Now what do you do to build a strategy, messaging, branding and relationships that will guide you to success? We can assist you in building your business for high levels of personally defined success.

Brand Strategy

Who are you? Who are you talking to? Where can you find them? What do you want to say? These are just some of the questions that The Core Value Company will assist you in answering for you and your business with this consulting program.

Curating Your Client Base

Most companies, no matter the size, are in the business of making money, turning a profit, raking in the dough or otherwise being more than hobby. However, doing business with everyone to make it rain may not fair well for you or your company in the long run. This workshop will, discuss the importance of choosing clients who are well suited for your business, and provide tools to assist attendees in identifying well matched clients and techniques for releasing customers who may be toxic to their overall business. Join Pathfinder and President of The Core Value Company® Monica Cost for this engaging workshop that will increase your ability to build a value aligned customer base that will, boost your brand equity in the market place, increase your income and create a more connected culture within your company.


The key to building a great message is rooting it in your core values. Learn to create mission based messaging on a platform of your values for longevity and the trust of the market place. Services and products are getting more and more alike. What separates one from the other is the mission and message. Develop your full proof message today to reach YOUR target audience.

Serve Don’t Sell

Selling our services before assisting by serving can lead to less sales and/or one time opportunities. Clients want to know that we have their best interest at heart and to believe that our product(s) and/or services will solve their problem, or add value. Contact us today to increase the productivity of your internal and external sales teams.


Chief Pathfinder Monica Cost discusses relevant topics for entrepreneurs and those seeking to start companies.

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Full Time to Freedom: What to know before you leap

Taking the leap from your full-time job to your living out your purpose and passion on your own can feel a little overwhelming and scary at times. However, there are steps you can take prior to your full-time passion pursuit. Check out our online content for more information.

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