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Well, you are not alone. Pathfinder Monica Cost, uniquely understands the process of getting lost in life and then finding one’s authentic pathway back. Let her assist you in setting your personal pathway to getting where you want to be.
Here you’ll find videos, resources and tools to assist you in your journey. Not sure what you need? Well, take a moment to complete the P.O.P. Assessment in order to identify your points of pain.


Chief Pathfinder Monica Cost discusses hot topics facing individuals along their journey to a fulfilling life.

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The Value Identification Process®: Realizing our most authentic life personally and professionally, we must understand the foundation of who we are and how we operate. From this foundation, we can build. Take some time to identify and define your core values. See the TOOLS page for more information.

The Common Thread: Are you seeking a greater understanding of your purpose and passion? Use the Common Thread to assist you in identifying your path. See the TOOLS page for printable documents.

The Worry Worksheet: Stress and worry generally come when we anticipate the worst possible outcome and/or when we don’t have a plan to address it. Well, we’re going to put a dent in the worry wheel (because it often literally feels like a gerbil wheel that we can’t seem to hop off of). See the TOOLS page for printable documents.

Get SHYFTID™: Sometimes life shows up unexpectedly. Other times, we can decide to be intentional. Getting SHYFTIDTM means moving, preferably with intention, away from or towards something. Ultimately, it’s getting unstuck! Whether you’re clear about where to get unstuck or want to explore the possibilities of freedom, follow this link above.

How We Can Help

Stay tuned for our public workshops, online content and opportunities to engage. Be sure to follow Monica Cost on social media. In the meantime, enjoy the various links, tools and videos to assist you along your journey.

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Additional Resources

Do you and your friends sit around talking about “what if” on so many of life’s circumstances? Do you all agree that life can be different and more fulfilling? Monica Cost will embark on a guided process for your group to see more progress in your lives and to build a life that is filled with less regret.

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