It's Time to SHYFT on Purpose!

Each new day brings new opportunities for change. Some are intentional and initiated. Others are sudden and shocking. Several are acknowledged, yet avoided. And, many are unexpected and unwelcome.

It’s time we get SHYFTID™ with more intention. To get SHYFTID™ is to have a pivotal moment that moves us towards something we want or away from something we don’t. In order to get SHYFTID™, we must identify areas where we need or want to change AND then find the internal motivation to change. From mindset to money, profession to purpose, resilience to relationships and everything in between. We’re turning over every stone and creating the existence we want. After we identify or recognize these, areas, we become intentional in our efforts to change.

Change/Shift Can Be
Intentional & Initiated
Sudden & Shocking
Unexpected & Unwelcome
Acknowledged Yet Avoided

You can get SHYFTID™...


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Many times we get stuck in patterns, self-doubt, systems, day to day living, thought processes, societal norm chasing, external expectations and paradigms. We are SHYFTID™ when we have an experience that causes us to move in our intended direction. Whether it’s making a change aesthetically, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, financially, parentally or mentally, we can and will shyft. The question becomes, will we get SHYFTID™ through our own volition or through life without warning.

What do we mean by getting SHYFTID intentionally or unintentionally?

Own Volition: You head into work one day and have your performance review. Despite your “I’m so wonderful” folder with countless examples of your stellar performance, your manager gives you a mediocre review based on expectations that had were not communicated to you. In that moment, you realize that you need to SHYFT (See Honestly Your Future Track). You lock in, make plans and execute. You’ve SHYFTID™.

Without Warning: You are going about life. You go to doctor for fatigue. The doctor does some blood work and is concerned that you may have a degenerative disease. The results won’t be back for a week. In that moment you recognize your need to get SHYFTID™. This causes you to take a new approach to your eating, fitness and mental well being.

You can get SHYFTID™ anywhere, anytime around anything.

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