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Value aligned workplaces are highly functional.

Pathfinder, Monica Cost, and her team, will create and facilitate workshops and discussions to lead your professionals to higher levels of effectiveness, ultimately contributing to your bottom line.

The V.I.P. (Value Identification Process)

What makes some people react negatively to something and others remain unphased? What causes someone to say yes to a choice and someone else to say no? Core Values play a significant role in our professional and personal journey. However, our focus is primarily on fulfilling external expectations over our own personal protocol. The result is an overall lack of understanding of self; which significantly affects our human interactions, fulfillment of purpose, mental chatter and self talks, as well as our ability to strategically respond to situations, instead of emotionally react. This workshop will help attendees to identify and define their personal core values. See the TOOLS page for valuable resources.

Personal Mastery

Mastery means to have command or grasp of a subject. Personal Mastery is literally having a common grasp of yourself in a variety of areas including, core values, purpose, self-discipline, human connectedness, emotion identification, attitude, balance and personal success. This workshop will explore personal mastery as a tool for managing professional relationships, responding to emotional triggers at work and self-regulating in difficult situations.

Authentic Leadership Styles

Leadership is like love. It’s hard to define, but you know it when you see and experience it. Leadership is personal and circumstantial. This workshop focuses on assisting attendees in identifying and defining their personal and authentic, approach to leadership.

The Other End of the Bargain

Successful or not, most organizations strive to empower and develop their professionals. Often times the professionals are not clear about their role in this development and empowerment process. This workshop will empower your professionals through self-discovery, the understanding of self and how to meet their employers on the path to their professional development.

A Brand that Stands

Authentic personal brands cannot be built based upon external expectations. They must be rooted in foundational core values. This customized workshop offers a tried and true action plan for developing one’s personal brand based upon core values for higher levels of organizational effectiveness.

Culture Connectedness

Scouring through resumes for the perfect candidate is the easy part. What many organizations struggle with is understanding the core values of individuals who would connect with the culture. This workshop will assist organizations and their professionals in aligning values for mutual effectiveness.

The Intermediary

Today’s global companies have professionals spread out all over the world. Often times it’s difficult to keep those who need to be associated connected. From executive teams to affinity groups, women leaders to male mentors, connectivity can be challenging. The Intermediary is a program customized for each client to give their professionals, who reside in different locations, a connected experience weekly, monthly, or quarterly.


Chief Pathfinder Monica Cost discusses issues facing organizations and their professionals.

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  • Customized workshops based on need.

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